Comparative Perception and Attention Laboratory

Lazareva, Young, & Wasserman (2014). A three-component model of relational responding in transposition paradigm. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition, 40, 63-80.

Experiment 2: The stimuli were made in Lightwave 3D, Version 9 (NewTek, Inc., San Antonio, TX), rendered at the rate of 30 fps, and saved as Quicktime movies. The slowest stimulus, S1, moves at the speed of 0.08 cm per frame while the fastest stimulus, S7, moves at the speed of 0.67 cm per frame, with a constant increment in speed of approximately 0.10 cm per frame from one stimulus to the next.

Click to download a subset of the stimuli (zipped archive, Quicktime videos, appr. 500 KB)