Comparative Perception and Attention Laboratory

Our collaborators

Michael Young (Kansas State University)

Martin Acerbo (Iowa State University)

Robert Hampton (Emory University)

Regina Paxton Gazes (Bucknell University)

Onur Güntürkün (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Christian Agrillo (University of Padova)

Amy Poremba (University of Iowa)

Toru Shimizu (University of South Florida)

Useful links

Comparative Cognition Society
Scientific society dedicated to gaining a broad scientific understanding of the nature and evolution of cognition in human and nonhuman animals

Comparative Cognition and Behavior Reviews (online journal maintained by Comparative Cognition Society)

Frontiers in Comparative Psychology (open-access section of Frontiers journals dedicated to publishing comparative psychology research)

Avian Visual Cognition (cyberbook edited by R. Cook)

Avian Brain Consortium (new avian brain nomenclature)

Comparative Cognition Channel on YouTube (maintained by Comparative Cognition Society)