Comparative Perception and Attention Laboratory

Lab members

Spring 2017

Olga Lazareva (the boss)

Pigeon research group
Team leaders: Kelsey Panfil, Alexandra Miller, and Isabel Trujillo
Research assistants: Jen Madaras and Kelsey Pogatetz

Human TI project group
Team leaders: Courtney Kalender
Research assistants: Abigail Nordman, Laura Claydon, Riddhi Soni, Haley Dikkers

Blank Park Zoo gibbons group
N​​ora Balboa, Nick Matulik, Jake Hagstrom, Madeleine Lemons

SNARC manuscript team

Cody Dressler and Katie Berger

Transposition and hippocampus manuscript team

Kelsey Panfil and Abby Koski